Thursday, February 12, 2009

Twitter all over!

Then they mentioned that NYS will be using twitter to get people's ideas on the budget crisis. And noooowwww, the 5 o'clock news just said they are going to report on a twitter-thon. I feel like all I have heard about today is Twitter. Ever have one of those days?


Twitter was mentioned on TechBytes on ABC News this morning. They said a few positive comments about it as a social network but then said not to try to follow more than 30 people.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Learning every day!

Today I edited my posts and changed my link issues. These are things I have never needed to know about before but wow what a difference. So glad I learned how to do this today. I would not have a clue if I wasn't taking a technology class. These are the moments I want to share with my own students- Yes, I learn new things all the time and this feeling of accomplishment is wonderful. I will try to remember (pregnant brain seems to exist) to tell my first period class about this tomorrow. They already think I am a dork so I love reaffirming that whenever I can. On to working on my group wiki, I needed to wait for a creative idea to enter my brain and one has been forming....