Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have set up my twitter account and am starting to follow people. This could be very interesting. I like how quickly you could end up connected to all sorts of people with similar interests.

I checked out some twitter links on delicious: has all sorts of ideas on how to use twitter in the classroom. In Twitter breaks down barriers in the classroom Ryan Paul talks about a teacher who used microblogging with his students as a homework reinforcement activity. This allowed conversations to continue outside of the classroom.

Using Twitter in the Classroom - discusses lots of uses for twitter in the classroom including collaboration across the world between classes of students, an editing forum, and teacher resource. It has links that give even more ideas. It is amazing how much each topic builds and the amount of information one can find through connections. It is both exciting and overwhelming, much like the Internet as a whole- but it does allow focus, a people-connection you don't get through web searches, and a social aspect that is attractive to teachers and students.

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