Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have not gotten really into twitter but have been lurking to see what other people post on there. There are two people that have posted a lot of interesting articles. One gentleman posts a lot of links for school improvement ideas and political issues that impact education as part of his job. When I have time, I love browsing through his tweets to see what controversial topics he has brought up. What he does gives me easy access to relevant current events and educational news - I appreciate that as I don't have the time (or motivation) to find those types of articles myself. I also followed someone who posted a lot of links and comments for parents in regards to improving education. I like that there are different people out there connecting with people that have similar interests. Some people are more active and have more to offer than others. This is a great way to network with professionals in your field and share relevant information in an age where it is so hard to keep up with the deluge of daily information. It must also draw people in that have other common interests. I originally connected to educators and people intested in technology for the assignment but now I am curious about making other connections. I bet there are interesting people out there that post about all sorts of topics.

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  1. Marnie,
    I'm sure that there are parents of newborns out there twittering - if they can find the time and are not sleep-deprived!
    Dr. Burgos