Saturday, January 17, 2009

Classroom 2.0

I just joined NING, a social network. It was new to me and I did search for a group that would interest me. Right now I am trying to improve my technology knowledge as a teacher so I checked out Classroom 2.0. I liked that this site welcomed "beginners".

Current forum topics talked about one site that had a rubric for blogs. As we are creating blogs for my class and discussing using blogs with our students, it will be important to consider if we are assessing the blogs.

I have also been looking into doing a study with SMART Boards after some reading in that area. There is a discussion going on right now about how teachers on this group are using them in their classrooms.

This looks like an active group that where teachers discusse current topics in technology. As a beginner, I could learn a lot from joining in.


  1. Hey Marnie - just wanted to stop by and say hey. The blog looks great - love the colors you chose. I can't help but notice the kitty photo. Is that a stock picture or is that truly either Len or Hen? From what I remember from Skype during grant writing, there was one kitty who was a big cat (bigger than my dog, I think)

    Glad Applebees was fun last night. Weekend, whoo hoo! Kathy

  2. That's Leonard! He is often my profile pic. He has been the baby for so long I wonder what will happened when "Fenwick" arrives. Both Henry and Leonard are on the gargantuan side.

  3. Marnie,
    Glad you found a Ning group that looks useful for you.
    Dr. Burgos