Saturday, January 17, 2009


My textbook has arrived and I am going to get started on more assignments.

The top three ways I can use blogs to increase student learning as a college professor are:

1. reflect on my own teaching in my blog- I have always put notes in plan books and tried to reflect on daily lessons but have not always been successful in documenting my experiences. Keeping a blog would give me an area to be reflective and keep all of my ideas in one place. Using technology to reflect makes sense as I spend a lot of time on my laptop right now. It is more practical than a traditional journal. I learn a lot for determinign what went well in a lesson and what I would change if doing the same lesson again. Sometimes I realize that my sequencing should be modified, that a different assessment tool would have been more appropriate, or that my lesson objectives need to be changed if I teach that lesson again. My own blog could be used as an example for my students to encourage them to also become reflective teachers.

2. have student discuss classroom activities and how to apply strategies in their own teaching - I have done this using Blackboard and it has been a wonderful forum for students to discuss their learning. The drawback of Blackboard is that that discussion board is not accessable to students after the semester is over. A blog would allow students a more permanent discussion forum. It would also allow people outside of the class to participate in discussions.

3. having students learn how to set up their own blogs to determine if they are a resource they want to use as future teachers - I like to expose my students to different instructional strategies. This is a great way to integrate technology into both my class and to show my students ways they can utilize this as a way that benefits their students. I believe that having my own blog will show them more than just tell them. Good role models show examples and use a hands-on approach to teaching. I want my students to see my own use of what I am teaching and have the opportunity to experience it themselves. That is effective teaching.


  1. You have hit on one of the reasons that we use blogs outside of Blackboard in this course. At the end of the semester they are still there.

    Your point about good role models is excellent. That's why I require everyone to read and comment on blog posts from well known edubloggers at some point in the course.

    Of course, it it important to remind all blog users that whatever they post is available for the world to see, although I think that most students today are aware of that fact. Unfortunately a colleague of mine had her student teachers blog about their classroom situations. Some of the students in these classes "discovered" the blogs and read about themselves. So I guess "a word to the wise" is always needed.
    Dr. Burgos

  2. Marnie,
    I too wonder were the comments, discussions, and papers vanish to after a semester is over. As an educator we both know that the learning process is never really over, we just slow down our motions over breaks. What a great idea to use blogs vs. discussion boards were the conversations and ideas can overlap and evolve to further understandings and ideas. In my school we stress a comment about consume, critique, and produce. This could be applied for your students to consume examplars and critique work in different content areas prior to producing. I look forward to working with you as we explore the possibilities with internet and literacy in our classrooms!

  3. I totally agree that it is more practical to blog reflections instead of using a journal. I always loose my journals and I love how sites like this blog can save all our information without taking up space on our book shelves or as a document on our computer! Also, blogs organize what we write in our "archives" so it's easy to find old posts. I think you bring up some great points and I'm looking forward to working with you in a group this semester!

  4. Hey Marnie, you make a great point when you say that it’s better to post all your ideas, experiences and personal reflections on a blog than just on an everyday journal that can get misplaced very easily. I think what you are planning to do with your students says a lot about you!! I like the fact that you are taking the time to expose your students to new material that you are learning and that can be extremely beneficial to all of them, I wish more teachers would be more like you. Well I can’t wait to hear more about all your fascinating ideas, talk to you soon.

    ~Karla Darby~